Princess Debut Character list.Edit

  • Sabrina- The main character and of the story.
  • Princess Sabrina- A strange girl that comes from your closet with Kip saying she's a princess of the Flower Kingdom who needs your help.
  • Kip Hamoon Stallon 777th- A small hampster-like creature that can talk who is also yourguide throughout the entire game, he's a stickler for the rules and scolds you when you do something or say something wrong.
  • Catherine- She is your best friend from school who is bright and cheery.
  • Tony Rabbit- He is a very gentleman-like bunny-man who is your dance instructor in the game, if you have no dance partner by the end of the game and you stick with Tony, a very wonderful surprise awaits.
  • King Crown- He is Princess Sabrina's father and king of the Flower Kingdom.
  • Guardsman- A very dapper dog-like man who guards Waltz Castle and in the Flower Kingdom.
  • MC- He's the annoucer at the ball and every dance competition that you participate in.
  • Accesory Shop Clerk- Owner of the accesory shop that you venture to on various occassion.
  • Micheal- This is Vincents friend who is a troublemaker.

The Princes's.Edit

  • Prince Klaus Rosencrans-  One of the princes' in the game who is kind and very popular among the princess'. He's just like your friend Kyle from school.
  • Prince Liam Goodrich- A sweet young man who has a fascination with flowers. He's just like your friend Leon from School.
  • Prince Cesar Dubois- He's very outgoing and you are the princess that has captured his attention. He's just like your friend Carlos from school
  • Prince Luciano Barbosa- He's very quiet, keen on his dancing skills, has no sense of direction, and lastly he's a little rude when your trying to help him, but he appreciates your kindness and repays you. He's just like your friend Lucas from school.
  • Prince Kiefer Bergmann- Kiefer is the smartest prince in the game and is almost like Lucian but has more sense of direction but less in socialism. He's just like your friend Keith from school.
  • Prince Vincent Wright- Vincent is a very rambuncious little prince with a wild side to everything. But, he's a sweetheart when he is determined to do things to better himself or to help you in your dancing. He's just like your friend Victor from school.

The RivalsEdit

  • Isabel- She's not a princess in the game but nothing more than a citizen in the Flower Kingdom. She causes some trouble for you in the game because she is known to be a liar, but later on she becomes kindheartedaccepts and befriends you.
  • Princess Cyntia- The most popular princess who is generous and kind she's the only female who isn't mean to you. She's Klaus' partner till a certain point in the game.
  • Princess Brenda- She is one of two princess' who cause you problems for being near "their" Prince Klaus.
  • Princess Lauren- She is the second princess who causes you problems for being near "their" Prince Klaus.

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