Princess Debut (お姫さまデビュー Ohimesama debyū) is a rythm otome game relesed by Konami and was late developed by Cave fro NDS platform gaming. Illustration is done by Kotori Momoyuki. It was release in Japan in June 19, 2008. English version is released a few months later at September 30, 2008 and Europe version is released next year in August 2009. Princess Debut opens with the player character speaking to a friend of hers. The former laments her boredom and wishes to be whisked away by a charming prince.

Princess Debut Trailer

Princess Debut Trailer


What young girl doesn't dream of becoming a princess? Princess Debut transports girls into that magical fairytale world while introducing elements of dance and music.” - Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume.

Midway Games announce a European distribution deal with Natsume for their new rhythm and adventure game for girls, Princess Debut: The Royal Ball, coming to the Nintendo DS. Princess Debut: The Royal Ball features were quite similar to the original Princess Debut. It has four modes of play including Story, Ballroom, Practice, and Movie. With 20 outfits to find, 14 unique endings to experience, and 18 different kinds of music and dance styles to choose from (including Waltz, Latin dance, Tango, Ballroom, and much more), there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

“We are thrilled to partner up with Natsume to bring this exciting new Nintendo DS product to the European marketplace”, said Martin Spiess, Executive Vice President International, Midway Games Ltd.

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